Tuesday, October 03, 2006

your face was blue in the light of the screen

Dear [insert name of federal government agency here] Network Administrators:

I realize that as a contractor and a workaholic, I give my life's blood to your agency, with little to no thanks and no federal government retirement plan, while treated slightly worse than a third-class citizen.

All I ask is that, on occasion, when I have a slight lull in my day or need to stop and take a breather for five minutes, I be allowed to occasionally check my e-mail, surf the innerwebs, and catch up on a couple of blogs. This activity is relatively harmless, and I don't download porn or viri or the like.

So why can I no longer comment on any of the blogs I read anymore? Why can I read them but never post a comment? People are beginning to think that I am a lame-ass and ignoring them.

I look forward to a speedy resolution, since my slack-ass new housemate can't be bothered to get either the DSL or the cable modem working. (We have both, since one didn't work and we ordered the other and they never came to install it.)

Yours humbly,

Lowly Contractor


Blogger dragon knitter said...

my husband can commiserate with you. he was at work, and wanted to look at my son's homework, which his group put up online daily. he could get to the main website, but it wouldn't let him past it. the goofy part is that it's let him before. apparently there is no rhyme or reason to the rules governing internet use at his job,lol. go figger.
(shakes fist at governmental ruler types!)

9:16 AM  

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