Thursday, September 27, 2007

i keep mine hidden but it's so easy for you because you let yours flail into public view

It's amazing how starting a new job filled with four fun-filled days of orientation about one's new organization can exhaust one. At least I have successfully reknit everything I frogged on Sunday. But I'm too tired to take a picture. Instead, here's a picture of someone who is not Jess' amazing seaming work on the cardigan she's made in The Fibre Company's Terra, one of the most amazing yarns, merino, baby alpaca, and silk, which I think she's done in Eucalyptus (bottom left of the page).
Yes, there really is a seam in this picture.

I, myself, started one in Blue Spruce, before I moved, having bought most of the skanks available in that colorway at Stitch DC, which means who knows where that is. But I shall finish it. Especially after seeing this.


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