Tuesday, October 02, 2007

but there's something wrong when you just feel like you're the hardest little button to button

Thank you all, Not Jess is allowing me to blog again.

See what my Fairy Godmother sent me?
She said it was a clue. I just like the buttons.

So Crazy Lady. In April I was wearing some pair of fingerless mitts I made myself and she indicated somehow the she wanted a pair, and it was her birthday this week and she's in Virginia making my life crazier this week, so I am making her Fetching. Almost done. She sees the finished one.

"I thought fingerless gloves were supposed to have fingers, at least. I don't understand how anyone can wear these and not have their fingers get cold. I want a pair of fingerless gloves with actual fingers."



Blogger Mouse said...

You'd think the 'less' in fingerLESS gloves would be a tip off..
I love buttons... especially old ones.

7:15 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

oh come now, what did you expect from her?? nothing is ever easy, is it? and oh shit, I forgot her birthday :(

8:36 AM  
Anonymous not jess said...

just tell her that, as her birthday gift this year, you are donating the Fetching pair in her name to a homeless shelter...

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Imbrium said...

Cut off her fingers. Problem solved. :)

11:15 AM  
Blogger Rabbitch said...

Kill her. Problem solved forever.

6:01 AM  

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