Thursday, October 18, 2007

my need to possess you has consumed my soul my life is trembling i have no control

...and now I won't be able to sleep because the only song that Animotion ever did will be running through my mind. Me and my bright ideas. Admit it, you have the song "Obsession" stuck in your head now, too, don't you? Here's the video, for those of you who remember it, or just want to watch random Spartan warriors and Cleopatra lounging by the pool (it's amusing even with the sound off).
I think my brother really dug this video. We had a band so he could wear these spandex tiger striped gold and black lamé pants he got and play his guitar, and I played keyboards and sang backup because "that's what girls did" (yeah, I know, it's amazing he lived and all), and his friends and all would come over and we all got dressed up in cool-looking clothes and stood around in our driveway with our instruments looking totally awesome and recreated the best videos of the time. And our drummer is now a drummer for a famous Grammy-award winning Top 40 rock band and this amuses me to no end, because, you know, we, well, sucked ass.

Oh, so my obsession. Yeah. It's this sweater. I finished knitting the cardigan for Bill right about when he and I had a falling out and he stopped speaking to me. It's the Boyfriend curse, only who knew it applied to gay boyfriends as well? So it's blocking but it's causing a mental block in me for seaming it, and I needed to start something and the llama needed to be swatched so I started the Vee sweater out of Karabella Merino Superwash, late last Wednesday night, and let's see how far I've progressed:
Yeah, the back done, a sleeve done, and halfway up the front. And a thousand episodes of Law & Order: Various Incarnations. This is the fastest sweater I've ever made for an adult, and it's the 46" size. I mean, really. Zoom, zoom.


Blogger Mouse said...

I have that song on my ipod.. and now its stuck in my head again. I had no idea that the sweater curse applied to gay boyfriends too.. I hope it doesn't apply to straight girlfriends too or my best friend isn't EVER getting a sweater just for the sake of our friendship. Come to think of it.. that might be a good idea anyway.

7:49 AM  
Blogger Trixie said...

Can you tell me what color that is? My PC isn't showing it well. Is it pink/greyish? You must be on a roll to have so much done. Speaking of 1000 L&O episodes, guess who broke out Season 1 of Roswell to start? Yeah. After like 3 years. So I am on the second DVD in the set. I never saw Season 1 and am really enjoying it. This is a late at night after pumpkin is in bed activity. While the Wa watches football. Too bad you aren't here or we could cuddle up and have a girls night! Love us some teenage angst.

12:44 PM  
Blogger Micky said...

It's amazing how we were so easily amused with the videos back then.

Good progress. At least you know there will always be a Law & Order on for you to whizz your way through the rest of it.

4:00 PM  

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