Wednesday, March 12, 2008

i don't ask for much these days and i don't bitch and whine if i don't get my way (2.0)

On August 9, 2006, I used the above lyrics as my post title (minus the 2.0), and I've gotten more emails, random comments on random posts, etc., asking me what the name of that song is. I got two today alone, from "Anonymous," asking me for the name...

Uh, Anonymous? If I don't know who you are, I can't respond, can I?

Mind you, I don't mind responding to anyone. But this was maybe the fifteenth question on this particular song lyric, most of which were anonymous, and I don't even know if it's the same person asking over and over again, or multiple people who really like the song and have been dying to know who sings it, or what.

But here's a clue, to anybody who ever wants to know what song a lyric comes from. Despite my posting the lyrics out of my head, they're usually correct (hopefully). So. Today's lesson is on searching for information. This is free of charge, and mind you, I had to get a master's in library science for this. (Seriously, we had one entire class on Online Searching. Although it was a bit more complicated than this, but it was also back in The Days of Yore, Before Google - although we did have Yahoo! and Lycos.)

Type the lyrics in question in your favorite search engine. We'll try, for example, Google. I hear the kids these days use the Google quite a bit.

So, first I highlight the words in question with my trusty cursor, copy them, and go to Google and paste them in the little white window in the middle.
Now, when I press the little button labelled "Google Search," I get a results page that looks something like this:
While I realize (and am a little weirded out) that my blog is the second result, and someone else's blog quoting the same lyrics is close to the top, by just reading the results page, without clicking any of the links, I can infer that these are the lyrics to a song called "The Seed (2.0)" by The Roots.

If I choose one of those lyrics pages, I can confirm that the lyrics in question do, indeed, belong to that song. I can also see that the song appears on the "Chasing Liberty" soundtrack (which, if I recall correctly, is a movie starring Mandy Moore as the president's daughter - Mark Harmon plays the president - who runs away from her Secret Service detail in Europe to go galavanting about with some hot guy. And now that I think of it, the reason she ran away at first was to go see The Roots concert in France or something. It all comes together.) (Perhaps I've said too much, since I think I just admitted to having once seen that movie.).
So, there you have it, kids. An introduction to how to find information on the intertubes using The Google. Mind you, once again, I don't mind answering questions. It's in my nature. But it's also pretty darned easy to find that information yourselves sometimes. Especially when I can't respond to you because you've left me no contact information.

In summation: The song is "The Seed (2.0)" by The Roots, on their album "Phrenology," and also, apparently, on the "Chasing Liberty" soundtrack. It is available on iTunes and the video is on YouTube.

I'll leave it to you to look that up.


Blogger PICAdrienne said...

They ask you rather than googling, which to me, begs the question, 'Are they stupid or lazy?'

If they have their google search set to Images, they could be in trouble. I wonder if they can figure it out?

7:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyway, thank you very much xD
pozdrawiam ;) magda

5:40 AM  
Blogger dragon knitter said...

i'm voting for stupid AND lazy, lol

7:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is this "google" of which you speak? It sounds sticky.

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my as you said "google"?

2:45 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

You should put a warning on posts like this.

I almost just spit my drink all over my keyboard.


6:38 PM  
Blogger Trixie said...

I kid you not...I had to give our DIRECTOR OF CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS and PUBLIC RELATIONS a tutorial two weeks ago on "what is a blog." They were stunned and asked could I give the class to Senior Mgmt.

Are you shitting me?

Where have these overpaid corporate titans been living? Under a F$ucking Rock???

(Thanks ITGIRL for introducing me to blogging in 2005...I was able to pass it along to others who will certainly miss use the technology for their evil ways)

10:21 PM  
Blogger Rob said...

I found a CD labeled "Rainy Day Hip Hop" on the way to my car parked on the street (in Portland, Oregon, where I live). I was taken by this song (the penultimate song) and Googled the first line.

Oddly enough, your blog was the first listed. About 3 lines down was a link to The Roots 2.0 version lyrics. I guess I followed your recommendation before I read the blog, which puts me somewhere in the first 50 percentile. I ordered the Corey Chestnutt CD just a few minutes ago and eagerly await its arrival.

Thanks for sharing!

3:27 AM  

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