Sunday, May 18, 2008

tell me how to win your heart for i haven't got a clue

Mock away, people, who don't watch "American Idol," but Seacrest is right, this really has been the best season ever. Yes, the ratings are completely in the tank, and the format is stale, and the entire meaning behind the "best season ever" is wrong. This is not the best group of singers. It isn't the best series of theme weeks. And frankly, I barely care who gets voted off each week.

But the drama!

Does anyone even remember one of the greatest reactions to a performance ever made in the history of time (said by Paula, of course, to David A.): "I want to squish you, squeeze your head off and dangle you from my rearview mirror." (The Washington Post's Lisa de Moraes dubbed this the "competition's very first Crazy Paula Wants to Squeeze Your Head Off and Hang Your Body From Her Rearview Mirror Award, a.k.a. The Sweeney")?

With the latter, no. Because it happened on February 27th, which was almost three whole months ago. On any other normal season, this would have been really memorable, but this season was crazy with its weirdness, which is why it truly has been the Best Season Ever.

And if you haven't been watching, and wonder what the draw is for a music fan the songwriters are either really great or questionable, and the singers are either really great, one-note, or questionable. But when the greatness comes together and happens at once? It's amazing. And when it doesn't? It's laugh-worthy.

This is fine, fine television.

Me? My favorite performance of the entire season is still this one (link is to RedLasso video, not YouTube, in case those of you who are blocked from YouTube might be able to see this).

But I still have Dilana playing in my car.


Blogger dragon knitter said...

ok, i went and saw the video, and i'll tell you what, he made me wanna knock him down and teach im what mama knows! oh man!

then i had to look up dilana. absofreakinglutely amazing! i gottaf ind more!

11:25 PM  
Blogger Trixie said...

OHMYGOD. I missed that song!! He's SMOKIN' hot. *sigh* Damn. I'm totally with DK and think we could teach that poor boy all about bein' a MAN. Purrrrrrrr.

It has been a weird season though. The whole "second song yet unsung" review...the stage dad...the restarting songs and missed lines...the odd assortment of men this year.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous not jess said...

Dilana rocks.

12:42 PM  

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