Tuesday, September 23, 2008

it's oh so quiet shh shh it's oh so still shh shh

Dear Chinese Tourists Visiting the Metro DC Area:

When you get on the Metro at 6:45 AM with a bunch of bleary-eyed suits desperately in need of caffeine, all of whom are surprisingly quiet in the packed-full-o'-workers train cars, please make a note of the hour and the quiet and proceed accordingly. Please do not use this opportunity to shout at the top of your lungs about your plans for the day, sing some kind of song in Mandarin (possibly a Jackie Chan hit?), try out some wacky English phrases that make you laugh, laugh at the wacky English phrases, and repeat. This gives everyone around you a headache.

So. Also headache inducing: email exchange with Crazy Lady. It went something like this, beginning with me.

Don't forget, a new "House" is on tonight.
Oh, okay, I'll watch Olbermann at 10, then.
(ten minutes later)
You know, "House" was a rerun, the new one is on Thursday, the first in the new season, for my birthday! [Crazy Lady's birthday is Thursday.]
Ummm, Mom, the season started last week, and "House" is on Tuesdays at 8. Tonight is a new episode, the second in the new season.
No, [Rambo] and I had seen that episode before, it was a reun.
Ummm...no, it wasn't. It was a new episode, the second in the new season.
No, the new season hasn't started yet according to (a link to Yahoo! Answers from over a year ago which, hey! was referring to LAST YEAR).
That's when the new season started last year. Look at this info on (link to Fox.com page on "House.").
I'm not going to argue with you, You're just wrong, the new season hasn't started yet.
Okay Mom. But remind Rambo of last week's Entertainment Weekly with "House" on the cover.
Okay, he's pulling it out now...he's flipping to the article...he just said "Oh, fuck."

At least she can watch the reruns in the Secret Project of Shame (her birthday present), which is complete.
Red Heart feels even worse when you wash it and it's all wet and has that slimy plasticky feeling. But it's better after you dry it with twelve dryer sheets.


Blogger Trixie said...

My own version of "Crazy Lady" last night asked why we weren't coming home to Xmas...I said "because the baby is due then" and she said "WHAT BABY?"


She actually couldn't remember if this was Dare's sibling or the baby from overseas or what.


Like we haven't had this discussion a bunch of times in the last month.


2:30 PM  
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