Friday, September 26, 2008

spanish bombs yo te quiero infinito yo te quiero oh mi corazon

Oh please oh please oh please oh please someone please record some of tonight's debate as being televised en vivo on Telemundo and put it up on YouTube oh please oh please oh please, I'd do it myself but that would require something akin to, yu know, effort.

I accidentally hit my remote control and the channel changed to Telemundo from NBC to Telemundo and suddenly I see McCain speaking Spanish, only with a whiny, high pitched tenor voice. Obama responds in a nice, deep baritone stream of Spanish.

And then?

The camera pans to Jim Lehrer, who opens his mouth...and his nice, even voice a woman's voice. Yes, Telemundo chose to use a female translator to serve as Jim Lehrer for these debates. So as Jim's talking, there's a stream of woman Spanish language speak coming out of his mouth.

This may be the greatest moment in the entire election.


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