Friday, April 15, 2005

just serve me up...

some good fucking service in a restaurant somewhere, anywhere in this entire fucking city.

Wednesday night, Trixie (who has apologized to me on her blog, and I thank you, and I apologize to you for any part I unwittingly played in the drama), Wawa and I went to a restaurant...somewhere, who the fuck knows where, I wasn't driving, now, was I? We were seated. People seated after we were received a waiter, drinks and appetizer before we ever saw a waiter. The same waiter, in fact, that they did. Said waiter blathered on about new people and so on and he may have been right. He took our orders and we barely saw him again.

Last night, Trixie, The General and I went to dinner after I had some drama at work (remember this post from a little over a month ago right after I started work? Pretty much felt like it all came true yesterday. And today. I had no idea what to do. Trixie didn't either, I don't think. I know she called me a drama queen and a diva, but I was really feeling it. What to do? No idea. Over now. Crisis averted. Rambo helped. He pointed out that while my problem was most certainly about work, it was more about the fact that I am undergoing a major life change at the moment. Subconsciously, if I "let" myself fail at work, I won't be forced to make a choice I know I will have to make, maybe not this weekend while The Man Who Lives in the House is visiting, but likely, almost definitely in the future. Once he helped me figure that out, I was good to go.) and while the waitress with the bad French accent was okay at first, she disappeared at the end of the night. I had to chase her down to figure out where my Crepes Suzettes were.

Tonight, The Man, Trixie, Wawa and I went to an Italian place in Crystal City. Our food didn't show up for...45 minutes? An hour?

Three nights in a row of bad service?

Does the bad karma follow Trixie or me? Or is it both of us together?

Followup to yesterday's / early this morning's post re: Sin City: I apologize for not giving a clearer review. I did enjoy the movie, for what it was. I liked the visuals and thought the stories were interesting. I just feel like it's all been done before, now. So why do it again? And Frodo was just plain creepy.


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well, when we went out, our waiter was kind of weird...

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