Friday, March 10, 2006

the pigs have won tonight now they can all sleep soundly and everything is alright

Today's post is a cop-out, I know. Forgive me, I'm utterly swamped. Hopefully I'll have more time after I go to DC (tomorrow, for a week, I'm letting you know now, because for some reason people seem to be confused as to where I am at any given time and everyone assumes I'm in DC when they don't even bother to ask me, people, come on, it's not like I'm not accessible).

In any case, I took this quiz and how fucking perfect is this result for me, the one who everyone calls a drama queen?

You Are Miss Piggy

A total princess and diva, you're totally in charge - even if people don't know it.

You want to be loved, adored, and worshiped. And you won't settle for anything less.

You're going to be a total star, and you won't let any of the "little people" get in your way.

Just remember, piggy, never eat more than you can lift!

Oh yeah, and everyone go play this game.


Blogger Hockey Mom said...

Hah! I was Miss Piggy too. I used to have a MP coffee mug, til some smart ass kid stole it from my desk.

We'll miss you.

11:31 AM  
Blogger jenifleur said...

14.1 seconds. And fozzy bear. Now my day is a complete piece of shit, thanks a lot.

2:34 PM  
Blogger dragon knitter said...

the last time i took this, i came up as the mock swedish chef (bork!). this time i came up as fozzie bear. hmmmm. WAKA WAKA WAKA!

10:43 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Here is mine:

***You Are Scooter***

Was I supposed to pick "big nose with shaggy hair"? that's what I have always been told. The nose thing is always going to be an issue, isn't it?

1:54 PM  

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