Monday, January 30, 2006

give to me your leather take from me my lace

I've joined exactly two knitalongs in my life, not counting my current Sugarplum Sweater one with Karida (because that's just between the two of us, really). One was Smiling Tiger's Candy Along. This went the way of the wind when Smiling Tiger did. Unfortunately. The socks I was making for them? The lacy fuschia ones I forgot the pattern for and still haven't quite figured out. The other was Sandy's Charlotte woman KAL. Status? I have never even begun my Charlotte.

I think this is why I've been so slow to sign up for the Knitting Olympics. I'm all talk, no follow-through. However, now that I'm on day four of a massive migraine, I've had quite a bit of time to contemplate my knitting. I knit so much on Saturday on the second sock of a pair I began in November that I rubbed the inside of my finger raw from the dpns. I had to switch to a project with bigger needles, when I could deal with knitting at all. So I took a nap in the guest bedroom, where much of my stash is.

Over a year ago, Colette sent me some laceweight mohair, needles, and a pattern for a lace scarf. Nothing along the lines of what she makes, of course, but wonderful, nonetheless. I've been savoring it for the right moment. I saw it yesterday and thought, this might be the thing. A project that isn't too big to overwhelm me, but is going to be challenging because I always manage to screw up lace the first thousand tmes around. And my previous two downfalls were, you might notice, also lace. My only problem is Colette's mohair is quite a bit (like 550+ yards), and I want to be able to show it off with the right pattern.

So I'm going to commit (if it isn't too late to enter, that is) to entering the USA Swearing at Lace Team (although really, it'll be more like the Drunken Lack Team for me. Damn Canadians. Take all the good teams.). I may do the scarf pattern Colette sent me, I may do Branching Out, I may do something else entirely. I may use Kidsilk Haze, I may use what Colette sent me, I may use the laceweight mohair for Melody's Shawl that I don't understand how anyone else has been able to knit because oh my fucking FSM it's so horrible and boring and I can't do it, I just cannot see myself knitting a ginormous ball of laceweight mohair in stockinette stitch in the round forfuckingever, I can't.

I'm open to suggestions but there you have it.


Blogger Mouse said...

I'm also doing Branching Out.. but I'm not doing it in mohair or I'd gouge my eyes out with a set of dpns. My personal issue with lace is that you have to KEEP doing the pattern correctly over and over again.. and that's something that is going to be the real challenge.

9:07 AM  
Blogger Trixie said...

Thanks for coming to dinner last night to celebrate Chinese New Year despite having the mother of all headaches. I hope you feel better soon!

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Imbrium said...

Four days? Yikes. I hope your head feels better soon.

I say use the yarn and pattern that Colette sent you...that way, if it goes poorly, you might be able to divert some blame to her. ;)

1:54 PM  
Blogger Rabbitch said...

I think you should ALSO knit for the Drunken Lack Team. After all, we'll be drunk. We won't know you're knitting the same thing for two teams!

I'm thinking of knitting for Wales as well. Two teams is perfectly acceptable.

5:56 PM  

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